Meal Preparation & Clean Eating!

Meal prep and clean eating are easy with your Metabolic Balance plan. Simply pack your daily power lunch box with vegetables from your plan and one portion of protein. Plus an apple of course! Ready – Steady – Go!

MB 09-23-2019

Are You Having a Sad Desk Lunch?

Sad Desk Lunch (SDL) is a new term to describe the 65 percent of the workforce that eat lunch at their desks hoping to be more productive. (Prevention) Even though recent studies have shown that communal eating helps increase productivity and social bonding between employees many employees feel that skipping lunch shows they are more productive and dedicated to their work.

Here is the link to the Cornell summary which talkes about why groups that eat together perform better together. There are some downfalls to eating together but the positive aspects out way the negative. (Harvard Business Review.)

If you are self-employed or work in a small office where it isn’t possible to eat lunch with other people, there are several apps which will help you find people to share an afternoon meal.

The App LetsLunch taps into your Linkedin Profile to set up lunch meetings with people in your Linkedin network.

Lets Lunch App

or Never Eat Alone, which helps co-workers find each other for an internal lunch partner.


For a little bit of fun, watch these kids deal with lunches from past generations:

My favourite quote is “Thank you for the effort.”   Wouldn’t you love people to say that to you after you have created them a wonderful lunch or, have reached out to them to have lunch?