Comfort Zone

Bye, bye comfort zone!

Life is full of new opportunities. But they are usually beyond our comfort zone. Become a pioneer, learn new things, open new doors. One of them is called Metabolic Balance – it will make your life more colorful and healthy!

New Recipe Page Same Blog Writer

Today we are sharing some news and making a formal introduction to the “I” on the blog.

  • Hello. I’m Emmy Horstkamp, the “I” on the blog. I’m a writer/artist/strategist/creator who loves researching and writing about food, health and creativity.  I’m a trained metabolic balance coach and a certified life coach focusing on living a balanced life.  I write additional health blog posts on Vivamb and wherever else metabolic balance wants me to add content (like our Dietbet challenges, Pinterest, Instagram & Facebook.)
  • If you want to read more blog posts, please visit our game on Dietbet.  I’m blogging on the website during our games which I’m playing while rebalancing.  I have enough fat to lose for the first two games but I’m not sure if I will “win” three games in a row but we will see. I don’t share photos of myself but I am a registered dietbet player using the name metabolicbalance1 cause I plan on winning (Cheesy name, I know.)
  • We created a recipe page on the blog.  If you are past phase 2, you can use most of the recipes. If you have any questions about ingredients or portion sizes, please ask your metabolic balance coach.  If you don’t have a coach, go visit our find a coach page.