Never Give Up

Never give up on working to be your best self! If it matters to you, you will find a way! An important aspect of the Metabolic Balance program is the support from our coaches and groups. If you are needing support feel free to reach out to your coach or in our Facebook groups! Get in touch and let us help you know your foods and how to stay on track!

Photo: Metabolic Balance Australia and New Zealand

A Healthy Summer

With the start of summer it is easy to keep your Metabolic Balance guidelines – or Strategies of Success – also during vacation times and holidays! One key is to plan ahead. Whether it is packing our own meal for a barbecue or looking at a restaurant menu make sure to have a plan to stay on track. We wish you a happy and healthy summer with Metabolic Balance!

Optimize Your Health

Is it actually possible to eat healthy…? Buying healthy food, well that can be easy. But to know which individual foods are good for your health, that’s another story. The solution for a holistic way of eating is: Metabolic Balance. Our nutrition plan, based on your personal blood analysis includes exactly the foods you need for optimal health. To learn more visit our website to connect with one of our coaches!

Do you love yourself enough to change your Lifestyle?

“Do you love yourself enough to …” maybe a very forthright question. But really, we are worth to do something that is good for ourselves and your own health!

Think about what is limiting you to do the things you want to do! With an improved health and well-being you can experience a healthier lifestyle. Remember – you are worth it!

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Take Action

It is never too late to make a change. The Metabolic Balance program can you help you regain confidence in yourself and your body. To learn more visit our website and connect with one of your coaches.

Photo: Metabolic Balance Australia and New Zealand

Weighing Foods

With Metabolic Balance, the foods are weighed so that everyone eats exactly the amount that is optimal for his or her respective metabolism. In this way, the body receives exactly the concentration of nutrients it needs to get back into balance. In the course of the metabolic conversion, the participants increasingly detach themselves from weighing the food, as they are increasingly aware of when their body has enough.


Flavonoids are metabolites found in naturally in many fruits and vegetables and plant products including wine and chocolate. There are six different types of flavonoids found in foods that are used by the body in different ways. Check out the graphic below to learn what foods are rich in these healthy compounds.

-Flavanols: have anti-oxidant properties.
-Flavan-3-ols: commonly in all types of tea.
-Flavones: found in foods such as peppers and peppermint.
-Flavanones: known for their anti-inflammatory properties and often found in citrus.
-Isoflavones: mainly found in soy products.
-Anthocyanins: commonly contained in berries.

Picture: Lean On Nutrition


Never underestimate what you are capable of. Be your own confidence coach and go for your dreams. The Metabolic Balance program has helped thousands of clients regain their confidence. So what are you waiting for, contact a coach today to learn more!

Healthy Aging

Nobody wants to be old, but everyone wants to grow old. How can this work?

The foundation for vitality and youthful appearance into old age is the way of nutrition and life. The Metabolic Balance program can bring you closer to this goal. Write to us – we are looking forward to receiving your inquiries and will assist you with our advice.

Back in Time

It’s hard to believe, but an Australian study has recently found out that people are eating less varied than 100 years ago.
One of the reasons for this is a significant loss of nutrients from individual foods due to modern agriculture and global supply chains. With a nutrition plan according to Metabolic Balance, you will counteract the one-sided diet in the best possible way. Possibly buy untreated foods and use them in a varied and colorful way. If you mainly buy organic products, you automatically eat a valuable mix of fruits, vegetables, proteins and fats and provide your body with secondary plant substances and the right amount of macronutrients. If you play with high-quality spices, you round off the basic idea of “healthy eating” harmoniously and ensure even more fun on the plate.