Life Gains

At Metabolic Balance we understand that being healthy does not just include the physical health but also mental health. A personalized and balanced meal plan may be the missing piece of the puzzle that will not only help you lose weight but also gain life!

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Centered Around You

At Metabolic Balance we know that everyone is unique! That is why we create personalized nutrition plans that are specific to you. Rather than trying to make you fit with a program, our program is centered around you. This means that your plan is customized for your body allowing for optimum weight loss and overall health.

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Become A Coach šŸŽ

We hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day long weekend! As you come off this long weekend, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to connect regarding our next Metabolic BalanceĀ® certification opportunity!

Below is a little more information about what a practitioner learns in our two-phase certification course work, designed to give you all the tools and tips you need to become a coach! The online portion of the training (Phase 1) can be completed at any time at your own pace! For Phase 2, we hold live, scheduled workshops throughout the year.

Phase 1: Online Training, comprising of 16 lessons
Phase 2: One-Day Live Workshop, Coach Certification Event

Online Training Lessons:
o The Principles-Metabolic BalanceĀ® Individualized Nutrition Method
o Overweight, obesity and the medical consequences
o What is the metabolism and its pathways?
o Energy metabolism
o Protein metabolism
o Cholesterol
o Blood sugar regulation
o Diabetes
o Metabolic Syndrome and its medical consequences
o The results and efficacy of the Metabolic BalanceĀ® Program

Live one-day Coaches Workshop:
o The Metabolic Balance nutrition strategy
o The Metabolic Balance study
o Nutritional Fundamentals
o Metabolic BalanceĀ® program overview
o The four phases and eight golden rules of Metabolic BalanceĀ®
o Metabolic BalanceĀ® portal introduction & nutrition plan entry
o Metabolic BalanceĀ® program execution (i.e: Intake forms, lab
testing, marketing material, etc)


o Highly effective and client centered
o Science-based Individually tailored nutrition plan
o Uses only natural wholesome foods!
o Professional coaching support
o Tested & tried techniques
o Low start-up cost
o Fast return of initial investment
o Easily adapted to existing or new practice
o Integrated system includes lab analysis

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Metabolic Balance Certification

Are you Quarantined at Home?

Well then this is the perfect opportunity to become a certified Metabolic BalanceĀ® Coach!

Our two-step certification process can be fully completed online!

It includes:
1. Online Course via Metabolic Balance Training Institute (15-16 hrs).
2. Five Live Webinar Workshops.

Online training modules will give you an in depth knowledge about topics including energy and protein metabolism, blood sugar regulation, and diabetes. Live webinars will connect you with experienced coaches from our team that will help give you the tools and tips you need to start working with clients.

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or call us at 619.894.7893.

Choose Your Path

Throughout life we often reach a metaphorical “fork in the road”, a moment in time where have to make a choice. Often times this can boil down to deciding between the comfortable and uncomfortable. When it comes making a decision about your health the same applies. Do you want take the road filled with different pills and drugs that may be “easy” and offers a short-term solution or do you want to choose a road that may be hard and uncomfortable at first but can lead to long term benefits?

At Metabolic Balance we help those who choose option 2! We offer tools and guidance to help you optimize your well-being and reap the long-term benefits of a well-rounded diet and healthy lifestyle.

Photo Credit: Metabolic Balance Australia

Metabolic Balance Myths

Today, we want to dispel one of the great myths surrounding Metabolic Balance.

“I have to eat the same thing every day, which feels boring and limiting.”

This a common misconception that is far from the truth. At Metabolic Balance one of the most important points is that all clients should be able to eat a variety of dishes every day! Each individualized nutrition plan contains a huge selection of different foods, which can be combined and enhanced by spices to create flavorful dishes.Ā 

Variety already starts by simply combining a different protein with each meal. In addition, the large selection of different vegetables, which you can mix and combine with one of the numerous protein varieties, guarantees a a plethora of possible dishes. On your meal plan you can keep experimenting with new combinations and flavors. For example, integrating fruit into a main course can help you discover new tastes and textures. Even cooking with spices, whether dried, frozen or fresh can give old dishes a new spin. Dare to try exotic flavors, play with spicy and sweet tastes, and discover new culinary paths! You will quickly realize the many new dishes and tastes that are hidden in your plan!

What to Eat?

Sometimes the world of health and nutrition can feel like an information overload. It can be hard to figure out what you should be eating and what person or program you should trust your health with. For many people it feels like a hopeless search especially when they are trying to lose weight, improve their health, or relieve symptoms from chronic conditions.

At Metabolic Balance we are here to help ease that overwhelming feeling! We know that each person has a unique body and understand that “one size DOES NOT fit all”. The personalized nutrition program and one-on-one coaching from our program will teach you to eat the foods optimal for your body and metabolism. Our program will erase those question marks and give you the tools you need to better your health!

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Start where you are.
Use what you have.
Do what you can.
~Arthur Ashe

As we start a new week, remember to have compassion with yourself. During these challenging times sticking to healthy practices can be challenging but rather than beating yourself up do what you can and be proud of the steps you take each day!

Rediscovering Balance

At Metabolic Balance we have worked with thousands of clients who have felt stumped when looking through the fridge and trying to figure out what to eat or cook. It all starts with your personalized nutrition plan based on the results from your individual blood test utilizing 36 parameters. This along with guidance from your coach will help you regain health and balance in your life. So rather than standing lost in thought in front of the fridge, we will have you cooking healthy and delicious meals in no time!

World Anti-Diet Day!

On today’s international Anti-Diet Day we would like to highlight that Metabolic Balance is not a diet or a fast weight loss program. The Metabolic Balance way involves a change in nutrition and lifestyle which brings with it a healthy metabolic regulation, increased quality of life and the achievement of a personal feel-good weight – far away from trends and flash diets. Rather than living in a world of ups and downs, the Metabolic Balance program can give you stability and freedom in relationship with food!