30 Reasons for Healthy Nutrition

Healthy Eaters Don’t Need Diets

Excess weight disappears permanently and on its own. The weight regulates itself as a desired side effect. Body forming also just happens. Diet frustration and the dreaded yo-yo effect are finally a thing of the past. The times where your thoughts go round in circles how to finally reduce weight come to a rest. Your focus will shift to essential questions and dreams in your life.


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Preferences? Sure.

Isn’t it great that Metabolic Balance® nutrition plans are so highly individualized? Not only 36 blood values are analyzed, but even your preferences are taken into consideration. A match to your taste buds is at the same level as successful dating!

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Reasons for Healthy Nutrition:

Fewer sick leaves due to diet-related diseases or deficiency symptoms!

Even Hippocrates knew: The right diet keeps us healthy and can even cure diseases. Anyone who is at work knows how important it is to always be present. Long periods of absence, for example due to diet-related illnesses followed by rehabilitation, interrupt working life for a long time. Often it is difficult to get back on the job.

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The Metabolic Balance® Secret of Success – Improved Quality of Life through Food!

Are you one of our many satisfied customers, who already feel great after a few weeks on the plan? What is the secret of success?

You know the answer: metabolic balance® uses natural foods and pays attention to a balanced ratio of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Therefore, the body is optimally supplied with all the important nutrients. Your intestines also benefit from the fact that we do not use sugars and preservatives. By combining the right foods for each individual and take breaks between meals, insulin levels are kept low. Thus, neither food cravings, nor the associated nervousness accrue. In addition, the natural urge to move is promoted, which helps to reduce stress symptoms quickly.

The result: A more balanced, happier attitude to life and an improved well-being can be achieved quickly by changing the diet. Stress and hectic are thus actively counteracted and the quality of life increases significantly.

Source: Wissenswertes von Metabolic Balance® Gesundheitsbrief Mai 2018

Let’s Be Sugar Free – Challenge Yourself to be Healthy

If you are ready to remove the processed sugar from your diet, do the following:

  1. Not on metabolic balance? Contact a metabolic balance coach.  If you are going  to be sugar free, you might as well go all the way and balance your metabolism and make your body as healthy as possible.  If you are already on metabolic balance, talk with your coach and tell them you want to make sure you had no processed sugars in your diet.
  2. Plan out your meals. If you know what you are going to be eating, you can avoid accidentally adding hidden sugars into your meals.
  3. Eat soups with a balanced flavour palette. Soups help you feel satiated so you will be less tempted to go for something sweet at the end of your meal.
  4. Write out a list of how reducing the sugar in your life will make your body healthier.
  5. Ask your family and friends to join you.
  6. Learn to read labels so you can avoid adding hidden sugars into your meals.

As you progress through the thirty days, you may feel a craving for sugar.  If you feel like you are craving sugar, try one of the following:

  1. Set a timer for fifteen minutes and then go do something else.  When the timer goes off, ask yourself if you still want that sugary item. If you are following metabolic balance, you will not be snacking so the fifteen minutes which have gone by must be right after a meal.  If you waited fifteen minutes and are now considering a piece of fruit, make sure you have a seed/protein before eating the fruit.
  2. Breathing slower increases your willpower and allows you to focus on your end goal and avoid the immediate gratification of a dose of sugar.  Please note that if you are under a great amount of stress, you will find it harder to find your willpower but taking deep breaths will help release stress and improve your willpower.


Treat Meals on the metabolic balance Plan

The goal of metabolic balance is to eat what makes sense for your body and your life, which means you need to learn to incorporate treat meals into your life because life doesn’t always go as planned.

For metabolic balance, a treat meal is a meal that is off your metabolic balance plan. As you progress through the metabolic balance program, more foods will be included in your plan and you may find yourself not using treat meals on a regular basis. Until that day arrives, you will find treat meals very useful for staying on track and on plan.

Planning a Treat Meal

The best way to begin planning for treat meals is to have a chat with your metabolic balance coach. You and your coach will build a general treat meal strategy for your treat meals.  If you have been seeing a coach for awhile, your coach will know your struggle areas and help you build a strategy to deal with treat meals, celebration and events including food.

With your coach, you can pre plan your treat meal by reviewing the menu and making your food choices in advance. By being prepared, you can control how far off program you go during the meal and change your eating for that day so that you stay as close to your plan as you can.

For example, if you are going to a restaurant but have not seen the menu, metabolic balance suggests eating proteins that you wouldn’t eat at a restaurant such as eggs or goat cheese.  Making this kind of choice allows you more flexibility when you’re reviewing the menu and reduces your stress about eating a treat meal.

Your Treat Meal

As always, metabolic balance encourages you to start your meal with a protein. Because you are outside your normal environment, you may not be served a protein first so make sure you are carrying a pouch of seeds in your purse.  Don’t bring more than a handful of seeds with you so that you are not overeating. You just want to make sure that the first thing in your stomach is a protein especially if you are planning to drink a glass of wine.   or another type of alcoholic beverage.

Once you have eating your protein, follow these metabolic balance tips:

  1. Relax and enjoy yourself. You are at a treat meal, enjoy the experience and don’t stress out about the little things you can’t control about your eating environment.
  2. Sit down and enjoy your food.   If you eat while talking or standing around, you may not realise how much food you have put into your mouth. Make the decision to eat mindfully for the evening and fully enjoy the experience and the food.
  3. Chew thoroughly.  You are not at a food race.  Pay attention to the food you are putting into your body and make the conscious decision to eat slowly and chew thoroughly.  Chewing thoroughly:
    1. Makes it easier for your body to absorb nutrients.
    2. Makes the meal last longer which allows the brain to realise that food has been consumed.
    3. Drink lots of water.
    4. Chewing is a good workout for your teeth.
    5. You will have less undigested food entering into your intestines.
    6. Chewing will allow you to really taste the food you are eating.

After you are finished with your treat meal, take a moment to savor the memory of the evening and then make the intention to begin your metabolic balance plan the next morning by setting out what you plan to eat for breakfast.  If you have issues that may crop up, discuss this with your metabolic balance coach and develop a positive after treat meal routine that you can follow.

Good luck with your treat meals and we look forward to sharing more recipes like Mondays Endive Soup recipe that lets you eat what makes sense and stay on plan.


metabolic balance® is a Life Changer

Change Your Health and Quality of Life

An independent study with over 500 participants clearly showed that the Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQL) of participants using the metabolic balance® method clearly improved. Almost 3/4 of the the participants declared they were satisfied with their improved quality of life and there was a significant decrease in the number of participants complaining of serious health issues.

Get Rid of Metabolic Syndrome

The independent study clearly showed that systematic changes in diet in accordance with the metabolic balance® system improved the symptoms of metabolic syndrome.  After following the metabolic balance® plan for a year, 76% of the participants suffering from metabolic syndrome no longer met the criteria for the diagnosis.

Join Metabolic Balance.

You will:

  • Be tested,through blood analysis, to determine exactly what foods and nutrients your body needs.
  • Receive an individually tailored nutritional plan providing you with valuable information and guidance leading you in the direction of a healthier lifestyle.
  • Work with a life coach focused on your health and balancing your metabolism.
    • metabolic balance® coaches provided individual, groups in person or online coaching to make sure that the program fits in with your lifestyle and life challenges.
  • Find a simple to use plan that begins working right away and has a long-lasting effects.
  • Join a group of like minded individuals striving for balanced lives and healthier bodies.

Become a metabolic balance®r is easy.  Contact one of our Certified metabolic balance Coaches, or attend a Free Information Webinar to get started.

Another way to get involved with metabolic balance is to become a metabolic balance health coach. If you are a life coach or Health and Wellness Professional interested in adding health coaching to your practice, please contact Leonard Tuccelli Director of Sales & Marketing at Leonard.Tuccellil@USA.Metabolic-Balance.Com. metabolic balance® has an extensive online training and continuing education program that will fit into your busy schedule and keep you updated on all the newest information needed to provide your clients with exceptional health coaching. 

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