Short-Term Energy Boosters

Short-term “energy boosters” like coffee, energy drinks, and chocolate bars are obviously things we should try to avoid. Here at Metabolic Balance, we know that eating the right foods isn’t enough — especially as the holiday and party season sets in. To achieve a long-term lifestyle change and ensure you don’t give in to the quick-fix energy boosters, you should think about having a coach to support you throughout your journey. Our Metabolic Balance coaches do not promote ‘fad diets, they’re qualified natural medicine practitioners and they can help you achieve ongoing success. Rather than looking for a quick fix, give yourself a nutrition program that is as unique as you are and that actually works.

A Healthy Start

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day because it is where we can decide how we will approach or master the day. Breakfast is a very important meal. At night, during sleep, our metabolism is not rest and instead is extremely active, stimulating rest and recovery in the body. Our brain depends on sugar for energy. A healthy breakfast should therefore be rich in valuable nutrients such as complex carbohydrates (e. g. cereal, oatmeal, whole meal flakes or whole meal bread) combined with high-quality protein (yogurt, curd, cheese, eggs) and fresh vegetables or fruit. These provide the necessary building blocks. At the same time, these combinations do not overload the blood sugar level and provide a pleasant and long-lasting satiety.

Start A New Lifestyle

Start a New Lifestyle, Not a Diet!
As we near the end of 2022, many people are reflecting on their past year and for some of us that means making decisions about our lifestyle and diet. If you eat a healthy diet then you don’t need more of those countless diets. Those extra pounds disappear along the way, and your body becomes more toned and defined. Dietary frustration and the dreaded yo-yo effect are things of the past. The nagging thoughts of how to lose weight can finally be put at ease. The Metabolic Balance plan will help you with all of this! Rather than a diet, this plan is a lifestyle that can help you lose weight and maintain that weight loss! Start the new year with a new mindset and lifestyle by giving one of our Metabolic Balance coaches a call.


Our diets affect our cholesterol levels and can help lower our risk of developing diseases. It’s important to point out that cholesterol is not always the bad guy though. We all need cholesterol to be healthy as it is the vital building block for our metabolism, cells and hormones. But of course it needs to be balanced. Balance is everything when you are talking about cholesterol!

The Heart Foundation advises following a heart-healthy eating pattern, which involves consuming a mix of fresh, minimally processed meals while reducing highly processed items like takeout meals, baked goods, chocolate, chips, and sugary drinks. Not only can you maintain an interesting and healthy diet, but following that advice will also give your body the nutrients it needs.

A heart-healthy eating pattern includes:

➡️ Plenty of vegetables, fruit, and whole grains

➡️ A variety of healthy protein-rich foods (especially fish and seafood), legumes (such as beans and lentils), nuts and seeds 

➡️ Unsweetened milk, yoghurt, and cheese in the healthy amounts. 

➡️ Healthy fats and oils. Choose nuts, seeds, avocados, olives, and their oils for cooking

➡️ Herbs and spices to flavour foods, rather than adding salt

Pay attention to how much you are eating as well! Portion sizes have grown over the last 50 years, and nowadays many of us eat more than we need – which raises cholesterol and increases the risk of heart disease.

Talk to your local Metabolic Balance coach about how changing your lifestyle can balance your cholesterol.

Health for the Whole Family

Leading a healthy lifestyle with your family doesn’t have to be boring! There are so many ways to make it enjoyable and educational – especially for young children. Check out some of our tips below:

✅ Give each family member their choice of a favorite meal once a week or once every two weeks
✅ Find ways to make fruits and veggies fun
✅ Get kids in on the cooking
✅ Introduce a new idea for healthy eating every week

Give your family and yourself a nutritional plan that is as special as you are and gets results. Get in touch with a local Metabolic Balance practitioner today!

Personalized Nutrition

“Personalized nutrition” has definitely become a buzz phrase, but not necessarily one that is completely understood. The science might be complicated, but the concept in relation to what we do here at Metabolic Balance is very straightforward: we use your blood test results and your medical history to determine precisely which nutrients are required to restore your body’s healthy balance.  At Metabolic Balance, we turn the most recent findings in nutritional research into an easy-to-follow action plan. You will receive a customized food list, specific serving sizes, and meal suggestions, along with ongoing coaching support to guide you through the process. Even though each food list is unique, the foods are based on commonly found items – you won’t be left searching for a rare powder, odd drink, or pricey supplement! Get in touch to learn more about how a Metabolic Balance® plan with personalized nutrition can help you reach your health goals.

Eating the Right Foods For You

We firmly believe that eating smart is about eating the right foods for YOU.
You are unique. Your biochemistry is unique to you. Your food needs to be unique to you too.
We use your blood test results to identify the right foods for you and then together with your certified Metabolic Balance coach, you’ll create the lifestyle you need to know for balance, well-being and long-term health.
Start eating intelligently and begin your total body reset today. To get started connect with one of our many experienced coaches by visiting our website!

At Your Fingertips

Personalized nutrition is always just a swipe away with our Metabolic Balance app. Every plan is available direct to your phone where you can use it anytime, anywhere. Around the house, out shopping, commuting to work, visiting friends, or travelling abroad – if your phone’s there, your plan’s there! The Metabolic Balance App is the perfect shopping assistant when shopping for groceries and you can even link your nutrition plan and food list alongside healthy recipes and meal suggestions. Ingredients needed can be conveniently placed in your personal shopping list. It’s also a seamless way to stay connected with your Metabolic Balance coach! Are you ready to start? Find your nearest coach on our website.

Become A Metabolic Balance Coach

Would you like to support your clients on their way to a healthier diet? Do you like the idea of expanding your work into the field of health prevention? Do you want to work with a proven, successful, and innovative concept? Metabolic Balance is the clinical tool for skilled functional medicine and nutrition practitioners to provide the best personalized dietary advice for their clients. By incorporating Metabolic Balance into your practice, you will be able to easily and effectively support your clients to metabolic health and natural weight management. Our Certification Program is now more accessible with 100% online learning – just contact us to get the ball rolling or check your eligibility on our website.