Move Your Body

With the emergence of spring and beautiful days and temperatures, it is to get back outside! Metabolic Balance is designed for everyone, regardless of how much or how little they exercise but we encourage all of our clients to get outside in any way they can. The plan is designed so that you can lose weight and change your body even with minimal or almost no exercise. You can do sports after the strict conversion phase – but you don’t have to. Even though, we do recommend moving your body on a regular basis. Low impact activities such as walking, biking, and yoga are great for your body and increase mobility and flexibility. Additionally, it has been scientifically proven that getting outside is beneficial for both physical and mental wellness.

Get Outside

As soon as the days get longer and warmer many of us get the itch to go outside and enjoy the weather! The right nutrition can give you the energy to take advantage of that feeling and move your body while out in nature. The Metabolic Balance program and your own personalized nutrition can help give you that energy. Many of our clients report that they have once again found pleasure in physical activity, with all the positive effects on body, soul and spirit, are happy to stick with it! To learn how Metabolic Balance can help you visit our website or reach out to one of our coaches.

Move Your Body

Staying and working at home these past few months has brought a lot of change to our lives. Working long days can sometimes make it tough to take time to move your body. Although it can seem like a big task, taking even a few minutes every day can add up! Check out the infographic below to see how small steps every day can lead to big results!

Credit: American Heart Association