Coffee Day!

MB 09-27-2019

Today is the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning and so we need to honor the humble coffee bean. Coffee is not only a wonderful social drink but scientists are showing increasingly the positive impact it may have on the body. With over 1000 different natural components identified, more evidence is emerging from many new studies showing a positive influence on heart health and much more. But you may be asking, isn’t coffee linked to stress and detrimental effects on health? As with so many things, it’s the dose that makes the poison! Too much will have negative effects. Coffee does raise blood pressure, heart rate and stimulate the stress hormones. At Metabolic Balance we recommend drinking only black coffee and also only during meal times. This makes all the difference. Later in the Metabolic Balance Program as you reach your (health) goals and have an improved well-being, coffee can be enjoyed between meals as well. Thus, to all of you having a cup of coffee this morning – Enjoy! We love a beautiful cup of coffee too.