New Year’s Resolutions

So many of us get stuck in a yo-yo dieting cycle, and after a year of weight loss and weight gain, often we find ourselves exactly where we were 12 months earlier. But it’s the new year – the time for fresh starts! This year make a commitment to no more fad diets, no more half attempts, and make a long-term health change for the better. Metabolic Balance is all about having a unique and sustainable nutrition plan that doesn’t get too hard to deal with after just a few days, weeks or months.  If your resolution is to make a genuine life change to improve yourself, then get in touch today. Visit our website to connect with a coach and start your journey to health and wellness.

The Journey Is the Reward

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Do you have plan for how to achieve them?

“In order to keep a good resolution, you need a plan”, knows Birgit Funfack, co-founder of Metabolic Balance. The formulation of personal goals should be well thought out and set for a realistic period. To see an unfeasible project fail makes all motivation disappear. It is better to follow reasonable paths. ” Wanting to lose 30 pounds in one year is realistic and therefore sustainable. However, if you want to make it in two weeks, you usually fall back into old eating habits after the first few days. In order to achieve one large goal try to include small goals along the way to help keep you motivated and on track! A sensible plan as well as faith in oneself are the keys to successfully reach the goals of a good resolution.

Happy New Year’s Eve!

We wish you and your loved ones a happy and healthy New Year! Although 2020 was challenging, let us cherish the positive moments that brightened our year! Let us know in the comments below what a positive moment was in your life this year!