There’s a reason breakfast is often called “the most important meal of the day”. Breaking the fast after an overnight fast is what breakfast is all about. It provides vital nutrients for good health and replenishes your supply of glucose to boost energy levels and alertness. As well as improving your concentration for the day ahead, breakfast can also help you manage your weight better, and reduce your diabetes and heart disease risk over time. Metabolic Balance meal plans provide protein-rich, vegetable-rich, and complex carbohydrate-rich breakfast options. Great health starts by knowing what foods you need to eat! Visit our website to learn more about how Metabolic Balance can help you revitalize your health and wellness!

Eating the Right Foods For You

We firmly believe that eating smart is about eating the right foods for YOU.
You are unique. Your biochemistry is unique to you. Your food needs to be unique to you too.
We use your blood test results to identify the right foods for you and then together with your certified Metabolic Balance coach, you’ll create the lifestyle you need to know for balance, well-being and long-term health.
Start eating intelligently and begin your total body reset today. To get started connect with one of our many experienced coaches by visiting our website!


Oats are one of the healthiest whole grains on the planet and are mainly grown in North America and Europe.  They are a great source of nutrients, packed full of fiber, protein, manganese, phosphorous, iron, and magnesium. Oats also contain large amounts of beta-glucan, a type of soluble fiber which has been shown to decrease cholesterol levels and help promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut.  In addition to being great for your health, oats are very versatile. They are an excellent base for sweet or savory oatmeal and are a great binder for meatballs, soups, and energy bites.

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Drinking Enough Water

Healthy and balanced diets should include plenty of water. Why? Simply put, the body needs to function.
Water makes up much of the human body. Take our digestive systems for example, we need water for
digestion, absorbing nutrients, moving, and getting rid of waste products. We also need water to properly
regulate body temperature. Dehydration also impairs certain body functions. People who don’t drink enough water each day are more likely to develop kidney stones, have heart valve problems, and even increase their chances of certain cancers. Physical and mental performance can be adversely affected by even mild dehydration. Nearly every part of your body depends on water. So, get drinking!

At Your Fingertips

Personalized nutrition is always just a swipe away with our Metabolic Balance app. Every plan is available direct to your phone where you can use it anytime, anywhere. Around the house, out shopping, commuting to work, visiting friends, or travelling abroad – if your phone’s there, your plan’s there! The Metabolic Balance App is the perfect shopping assistant when shopping for groceries and you can even link your nutrition plan and food list alongside healthy recipes and meal suggestions. Ingredients needed can be conveniently placed in your personal shopping list. It’s also a seamless way to stay connected with your Metabolic Balance coach! Are you ready to start? Find your nearest coach on our website.

Focus on What You Eat

Studies in recent years have shown that in order to lose weight, the focus should be on the quality of food you’re eating and not how much you’re eating. When it comes to weight loss, most diets tend to rely on the calories-in, calories-out equation. The problem is not all calories are the same and, in many cases, a calorie deficit can lead to a slowed metabolism. A slowed metabolism will lead to weight gain!
By paying attention to the types of food consumed and ensuring you eat the foods best suited to your body, you can improve your metabolism, eat less, and feel fuller for longer. All leading the way to healthy and sustainable weight management. At Metabolic Balance, we can help you make more informed food decisions through personalized nutrition. Get in touch today!

Acid Base Balance

A good acid-base balance is vital for the most important of metabolic processes. Hyperacidity prevents fat from being broken down and burned off – which means, among other things, that an overly acidic diet slowly but steadily can lead to weight gain. This is because, when fat is broken down, it produces large quantities of acids that have to be removed by basic minerals (magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, selenium and iron). But if these basic minerals are not present in sufficient quantity because of an acidic diet, the breakdown of fat is restricted. 
To lose weight successfully, you need to keep an eye on your acid-base balance, in other words, make sure you eat in such a way that not only do you get all the nutrients you need, but also in balanced proportions. If you do, you’ll keep your fat-burning capacity active.

Become A Metabolic Balance Coach

Would you like to support your clients on their way to a healthier diet? Do you like the idea of expanding your work into the field of health prevention? Do you want to work with a proven, successful, and innovative concept? Metabolic Balance is the clinical tool for skilled functional medicine and nutrition practitioners to provide the best personalized dietary advice for their clients. By incorporating Metabolic Balance into your practice, you will be able to easily and effectively support your clients to metabolic health and natural weight management. Our Certification Program is now more accessible with 100% online learning – just contact us to get the ball rolling or check your eligibility on our website.


Proteins are the building blocks of life. Protein is found in every cell of the human body and in order for your body to repair and make new cells, you need protein in your diet. In their most basic form, proteins consist of chains of amino acids. During digestion, protein is broken down into amino acids and we need a good number of amino acids to maintain proper health. You can find protein in a variety of foods, so it’s crucial that you include enough protein in your diet each day. But remember not all food sources of protein are created equal and the amount you require in your diet depends on your weight, gender, age, and state of health – so a personalized nutrition plan can ensure you’re shaping your diet with healthy protein foods. Talk to a Metabolic Balance practitioner today!

Vitamin A

Having the right balance of vitamins and minerals in the body is crucial for long-term health and wellness. For example, a vitamin A deficiency can increase one’s risk for respiratory illnesses like pneumonia. It may also lead to anemia (a condition in which the red blood cells do not supply enough oxygen to the body).
Normal growth and development, the immune system, reproduction, and vision all depend on vitamin A. It also supports the healthy operation of your heart, lungs, and other organs.
One way of preventing a Vitamin A deficiency is through diet. Many foods naturally contain vitamin A, a fat-soluble vitamin. Did you know that yellow, orange, and red fruits and veggies are great sources of vitamin A, as are our green faves, spinach and broccoli… This is just one example of how you’ll learn to love the foods that love you back with Metabolic Balance! To begin your journey to a healthier you, get in touch with us today.