New Year’s Resolutions

So many of us get stuck in a yo-yo dieting cycle, and after a year of weight loss and weight gain, often we find ourselves exactly where we were 12 months earlier. But it’s the new year – the time for fresh starts! This year make a commitment to no more fad diets, no more half attempts, and make a long-term health change for the better. Metabolic Balance is all about having a unique and sustainable nutrition plan that doesn’t get too hard to deal with after just a few days, weeks or months.  If your resolution is to make a genuine life change to improve yourself, then get in touch today. Visit our website to connect with a coach and start your journey to health and wellness.

Good Resolutions

The new year is in full swing and now is a great time to check in and reflect on your resolutions and goals for the year. 

What happened to your resolutions in the new year, like eating healthier? Have you been consistent with your goals or have some things fallen aside due to the stressors of everyday life? If so, then April  is also a great month to get started again!

Think about it, why is it difficult to implement your resolution of “eating healthier”, – “paying attention to a healthy diet”, – “exercising more” . Could it be that you’re aiming too high? Can you break down your resolutions into smaller, more achievable goals?

Here are three simple tips that are easy to integrate into everyday life, they do not require too much change and bring you closer to your goal step by step:

  1. Eat three main meals a day! If every meal contains a balanced proportion of carbohydrates and protein, you can avoid cravings and snacks in between meals.
  1. Schedule a longer fasting break of 10-12 h between the evening meal and breakfast. During the fasting break, your body sustains itself from stored nutrients.  coordinate the release of fatty acids from the fatty tissue and make them available as a food source for muscle cells and organs. 
  2. Drink at least 60-64 ounces of water throughout the day! Drinking water helps the body to lose weight. While metabolizing and breaking down fat, substances are released that can be more easily excreted through the kidneys and bladder .
    If the amount of water seems to be too much at the beginning, then try to start slowly by drinking a glass of water more each day than the day before.