Rediscovering Balance

At Metabolic Balance we have worked with thousands of clients who have felt stumped when looking through the fridge and trying to figure out what to eat or cook. It all starts with your personalized nutrition plan based on the results from your individual blood test utilizing 36 parameters. This along with guidance from your coach will help you regain health and balance in your life. So rather than standing lost in thought in front of the fridge, we will have you cooking healthy and delicious meals in no time!

No Longer A Balancing Act

Do you feel like you are doing a balancing act with your health?

Things can feel stable for a weeks or months but then something can happen to upset the precarious balance you have. You may be starting to feel overwhelmed by the exercise program you are trying to follow or see that weight creeping up on the scale again. Or you may just feel no matter what program or diet you try, nothing feels stable, comfortable, and trustworthy.
Well that is where Metabolic Balance comes in. Rather than being a program designed as a one-size-fits-all, our program is tailored specifically to you!

Our focus is on resetting and balancing your metabolism. Metabolism is in simple terms all the essential processes that happen every second in your body in terms of using essential nutrients to power your cells. Some of the basic processes that are dependent on a properly functioning metabolism include all growth and repair processes; supplying oxygen to your organs; your detoxification processes that are performed by the liver; maintaining body temperature and hormone balance.

When you have a balanced metabolism, your weight is naturally stable and stays within a healthy range, your energy is just what you need it to be, your sleep is refreshing and energizing; your muscles are healthy and strong; your mind is clear and focused; your hormones are balanced; your blood sugar is stable and supports you throughout the day.

An imbalanced metabolism is intimately entwined with what you eat, how you eat, when you eat, your stress levels and the right exercise for you. The right changes to each of these areas makes real differences to your health.

You can reset your body and metabolism by making healthy changes to your lifestyle and that’s what we love helping people with.

To learn your foods and how to eat them, you simply need to find your metabolic balance practitioner. You can do this by checking our website:

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Take the Chance!

In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.
– Lewis Carroll

The Metabolic Balance program is a fantastic chance to revitalize your life by resetting your metabolism and restoring your body to its natural weight. We encourage you to take this opportunity and give the program a try! Do not let Metabolic Balance be a missed opportunity in your life. Simply stick to 8 easy rules and the food on your plan. With the help of your coach we know you can do it. If you have any questions or need support, simply contact your coach or PM us. We are here for you and will happily support you on your Metabolic Balance journey!

For more information visit our website: or send us a message on Facebook!

A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish

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Whatever you want to achieve, whether you want to lose weight, gain weight or simply feel healthier and fitter: Metabolic Balance gives you a nutrition plan which supports you in achieving your personal goal. A certified coach accompanies you and is always on your side on your way to a healthy you.

Find your personal certified Metabolic Balance Coach.

Today is all about Dental Health!

MB 09-25-2019

We always say food is medicine and thus, the food we eat is also important for our dental health! Metabolic Balance not only rebalances and restores poor metabolism back to the right path. It does this for teeth too by supporting a balanced and healthy oral flora. It is the bacteria in our mouth and on our teeth that influences the development of cavities and poor dental health. Our nutrition plans do not contain any (hidden) sugars. It is the sugar in our diets that increase lactic acid in the mouth, causing minerals to be taken from the dental enamel and weakening it, and leading to bacteria creating more cavities. By allotting you the best and healthy foods for you, Metabolic Balance helps you have a healthy mouth and a happy smile. Keep your dental health with Metabolic Balance!