Creamy Broccoli Soup

This smooth and creamy broccoli soup is great for the upcoming fall and winter months.

1 serving of broccoli
1 cup (250 ml) vegetable broth
1 serving of cream cheese
Cayenne pepper
Salt and pepper

Clean the broccoli and cut into small florets. Bring the vegetable stock to the boil and cook the florets in it for about 5 minutes until soft. Take out two broccoli florets and set aside. Add half of the cream cheese to the broth and remaining broccoli and puree in a blender until smooth. Season with cayenne pepper and nutmeg. Arrange the soup on a plate, add the remaining cream cheese and garnish with the reserved broccoli florets. Enjoy!

Make Your Own Vegetable Broth

Vegetable broth is super easy to make it home and tastes much better than any powdered mix.

Simply collect your vegetable waste such as parsnip, kohlrabi, or carrot peels, the leaves from broccoli or cauliflower, the ends of root vegetables or herbal stalks, and a few onion peels (avoid adding too much onion or otherwise the broth becomes bitter). Wash and dry the peels and collect enough scraps until you have enough to fill a gallon sized Ziploc bag. 

To get started first boil the vegetable scraps with salt, water, peppercorns, bay leaf, juniper berries and 1-2 cloves. After you have brought everything to boil, reduce the heat and simmer for a good 20 minutes. Then let everything steep for another 15 minutes, season, pour through a sieve, let it cool and freeze portions. This way you always have homemade vegetable broth in the freezer for whenever the need arises.

Tip Tuesday

Are you a fan of having a sauce with a dish or meal? Well we have you covered. Read below to learn about a simple way to make sauces that you can add to meals while on your Metabolic Balance plan.

One easy way to make a delicious sauce is to use a portion of the vegetable serving of your dish. Vegetables such as cauliflower, carrots, or broccoli are great options! Simply cook the vegetables until tender and then blend with some vegetable stock until smooth. Season to taste with herbs and spices. The sauce in the picture below was made with broccoli!

Vegetables with Cheese Sauce

This combination of vegetables and cheese is a perfect spring or summer dish to enjoy!

1 serving of goat cheese (or a cheese according to your plan)
1 serving of vegetables
3/4 cup (150 ml) vegetable broth
1 serving of fresh fruit (apples or pears work well)
1 pinch of black sesame seeds
Salt and Pepper
Fresh herbs 

Wash the vegetables and cut into fine strips. In a saucepan, add the vegetables, vegetable broth, turmeric, salt and pepper, and simmer. Cut the fruit into small pieces, add to the vegetables and bring the mixture to a boil. Finally, crush the goat cheese with a fork, add to the vegetables and fruit, mix and season with fresh chopped herbs and sesame seeds.

Black Friday Bean Soup

This warming bean soup fits wonderfully well when it’s cold and rainy – it really will warm your hearts! 

What you’ll need:
1 serving vegetables from your plan (such as green beans, carrots, leek)
300 ml vegetable stock
some savory herb and paprika powder
1 tsp. of chopped lovage, some parsley, chives
salt & pepper

Wash and roughly chop your chosen vegetables and place in a large pan, add the vegetable stock and bring to the boil. Add savory and paprika powder and simmer for 10 minutes. Add your favorite (already cooked) protein beans, e.g., black beans, chickpeas, adzuki beans or even lentils.
Wash lovage, parsley and chives, spin dry and finely chop. Add to the soup, season to taste with salt and pepper and simmer for 2-3 mins. Enjoy with some fresh rye sourdough bread!

MB 11-29 - soup

Homemade Vegetable Broth

Following a special request from a client, we wanted to share with you too – an easy recipe for homemade vegetable broth:

MB 11-03 - Gemuese-bruehe

You need:
1 serving of vegetables (carrots, leek, fennel, celery, onion)
fresh parsley
fresh ginger
fresh garlic


Wash and chop the vegetables to even sized chunks. Add all the vegetables with the spices and herbs to a large heavy based pot. Pour in 1 liter (34 fl.oz.) of cold water, bring to the boil, simmer lightly for about 1 hour and leave to steep for half an hour. Finally pour everything through a fine sieve and season to taste.

It’s best to prepare a larger amount and freeze it in several servings.  Then you’ll always have fresh vegetable broth.