Achieve Your Goals

With your personal Metabolic Balance nutrition plan and one-on-one coaching you can achieve your feel-good weight – the weight with which your body feels best. This program is based on peer reviewed science and scientific principles. Our plan can help you lose weight and regain confidence in your body!

It is Easy!

The Metabolic Balance program consists of 8 simple strategies, a personalized nutrition plan, and a coach that provides one-on-one support. Rather than trying to follow countless rules or track calories, this program is focused on small changes that lead to great results.

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Successful Weight Loss

We are often asked: Should I take my body measurements or is weighing better? 

Successful weight loss is so often better shown by the monitoring of body measurements than by regular weighing! This is due to the relatively high protein content in our nutrition plans which helps rebuild connective tissue and muscles in the body. Muscle weighs more than fat, but also has less volume, i. e. it takes up less space than fat. So if 20 lbs of fat was lost and 13 lbs muscle gained, only 7 lbs difference may be seen on the scale. But if we look at body measurements, we often see reductions of 4-6 inches which is 1-2 dress sizes!

Strategies for Success

At Metabolic Balance, we have created a program in which there are 8 simple strategies that will help lead you to success. Along with your food list, these tools will give structure and help you achieve your goals. To learn more check out the video!

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Weighing Your Food

With Metabolic Balance program, in the initial phases foods are weighed so that every client eats exactly the amount that is optimal for his or her respective metabolism. In this way, the body receives the right concentration of nutrients it needs to get back into balance. Over the course of the program, clients slowly stop weighing their food, and instead rely on their intuition and hunger cues to portion out the right amount. This allows clients to learn to trust themselves and their body all while working to reset their metabolism.

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Yoga for Health

yoga-logo2017 International Day of Yoga has the theme Yoga for Health! Highlighted is “the fact that yoga can contribute in a holistic way to achieve an equilibrium between mind and body.” []
This gave us food for thought and realizing that Yoga can also effect weight Maintenance and even Weight Loss. Particularly the deep breathing which stimulates the lymphatic system to move out toxins, plus the poses that involve bearing your own weight support your healthy eating and a mindful lifestyle.
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