Vegetarian and Metabolic Balance?

One of the most common questions we get from potential new clients is: “Can I participate in the Metabolic Balance program as a strict vegetarian or vegan?”

Our answer is: Vegetarian plans are absolutely possible! Vegan plans may be generated upon request but we based on your values and healthy history we may not recommend or cannot guarantee that it is possible.

For clients interested in Metabolic Balance, we recommend scheduling a call with one of our amazing Metabolic Balances coaches, who can help answer any questions you may have. To connect with one of our coaches just visit our website!

Sunflower Seeds

The sunflower seed, as the name implies, is the seed of the beautiful, yellow sunflower. The actual seeds are encased by a thick black and white shell and are known for their nutty flavor. Sunflower seeds have many different uses, they can be eaten raw, roasted, made into seaaed butter, or used to make sunflower oil. In terms of nutritional benefits, sunflower seeds are great source of healthy fats containing both polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats and are a source of antioxidants. In the kitchen, this seed is extremely versatile! It can be used to top salads, used to make a mandelade, added to oatmeal, or to top avocado toast.

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Inclusion Not Exclusion

We all know that the more food has been processed and laden with additives & preservatives, the more it negatively impacts your health & well-being. We at Metabolic Balance are dedicated to promoting a proper understanding of the true healing power of fresh, whole and natural foods, which contain all the essential nutrients to fully support physical and mental health if eaten in the right quantities and at the correct times. Metabolic Balance does not exclude any food group and instead creates a personalized nutrition program for each client. Have you ever been afraid to make a personalized meal plan because you didn’t know what you were going to eat or afraid of being too little food? Well you do not have to worry about that with Metabolic Balance. Check out website and connect with one of our coaches to learn more or get started!

Healthy Habits

Research shows us that, typically, most diets don’t work. Why? Because the main focus is on restricting what you eat.

Most weight loss approaches center on dieting – the idea of limiting when and what we eat. In practice, it hardly ever works. And when it does work, it usually only lasts for a short period before we put the weight back on as we return to old habits. 

A nutrition plan centered on restrictions may also deprive us of necessary nutrients, which may leave us feeling fatigued.

The truth is, creating long-term healthy eating habits is the most effective method to break this dieting cycle, and this is the major focus at Metabolic Balance. Book a discovery call with your nearest Metabolic Balance coach to learn more!

Personalized For You

For decades, we’ve been told that losing weight is about calories and sticking to a rigid diet. However, the more we learn, the more clearly we see that this outdated strategy is not only misguided but also inappropriate. Why? Because everyone and every ‘body’ is unique! Things like the type of food you eat, your metabolism and even your gut health have a huge impact on whether you lose weight or not. And therefore, your nutrition should be personalized to YOU. Your uniqueness is our specialty… so stop counting the calories and book a free discovery call with a Metabolic Balance coach today! Check out our Facebook page or website to learn more and connect with a coach.

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Short-Term Energy Boosters

Short-term “energy boosters” like coffee, energy drinks, and chocolate bars are obviously things we should try to avoid. Here at Metabolic Balance, we know that eating the right foods isn’t enough — especially as the holiday and party season sets in. To achieve a long-term lifestyle change and ensure you don’t give in to the quick-fix energy boosters, you should think about having a coach to support you throughout your journey. Our Metabolic Balance coaches do not promote ‘fad diets, they’re qualified natural medicine practitioners and they can help you achieve ongoing success. Rather than looking for a quick fix, give yourself a nutrition program that is as unique as you are and that actually works.

Metabolic Balance and Christmas

Can the Metabolic Balance guidelines also be taken in consideration at Christmas? Can you stick to principles like “only one type of protein per meal” even within an entire menu? Of course. How about the following 3-course menu, for example: 

For the appetizer, we avoid protein and recommend a delicious avocado and apple salad. In the main course we feast duck breast with red cabbage and, as dessert, roasted apple with sesame and vanilla pulp tastes simply wonderful. With this in mind, we wish you a delicious and happy Christmas!

Personalized Nutrition

“Personalized nutrition” has definitely become a buzz phrase, but not necessarily one that is completely understood. The science might be complicated, but the concept in relation to what we do here at Metabolic Balance is very straightforward: we use your blood test results and your medical history to determine precisely which nutrients are required to restore your body’s healthy balance.  At Metabolic Balance, we turn the most recent findings in nutritional research into an easy-to-follow action plan. You will receive a customized food list, specific serving sizes, and meal suggestions, along with ongoing coaching support to guide you through the process. Even though each food list is unique, the foods are based on commonly found items – you won’t be left searching for a rare powder, odd drink, or pricey supplement! Get in touch to learn more about how a Metabolic Balance® plan with personalized nutrition can help you reach your health goals.

Tea Drinkers Live Healthier Lives

Colorful leaves everywhere, morning fog and frost early in the morning, whistling gusts and often wet and cold weather – everything points to the face that fall is in full swing. In these months, we love to sit at home on the couch with a nice book or show, enjoying delicious, hot tea.

There is a wide range of tea varieties – the classic teas such as black, green or herbal tea are increasingly replaced by teas with promising names such as wellness, good mood, sleep well or stress relief tea. Moreover, green, white or herbal teas offer more than just relaxation and a taste sensation: they can cheer you up, calm you down, make you beautiful and, above all, their health benefits cannot be denied. It is the polyphenols, the so-called catechins, which are most important here and are abundantly contained in green and white tea. With 3-4 cups a day, you can combine enjoyment with health, because catechins do not only supply antioxidants, but also boost lipid metabolism.  

The Perfect Partner

Many foods are good and healthy. Even more so: in combination with their ideal partner, they become an unbeatable duo that not only complements each other in taste – even the nutrients and active ingredients are better absorbed.

Lycopene, a secondary plant substance from tomatoes, combined with high-quality olive or rapeseed oil – a perfect protection for skin, heart and blood vessels.

Protein-rich Legumes (beans/lentils) combined with vegetables for a balanced acid-base ratio.

Ginger and garlic – highly effective radical scavengers; in a double pack their antioxidant effect is increased by 50 percent.