Meda Christiani Shares Alexandra’s metabolic balance Success Story.

Alexandra’s Journey

Starting at 272 lbs, Alexandra laughed at my suggestion of a goal weight of 190 lbs. The first challenge with Alexandra was to work with the 12 inches between her ears. Yes, change was possible – even for her.  I shared my personal experiences with the metabolic balance®Program in 2007– how I could literally hear the fat sizzling away mornings as I woke up in my bed – how I felt I was growing younger as joyful energy returned – how I had shed my unwanted pounds easily with my metabolic balance® nutritional adjustment, something even 10 years of jogging hadn’t been able to do. 

Alexandra had two mental obstacles in her way – Cooking and Exercise. Alexandra believed cooking fresh and healthy food would consume too much time and be hopelessly complicated.  This idea was shattered by attending a cooking evening with me and a few other clients new to metabolic balance®  and my constant supply of recipes which ignited her creative cooking talents. Alexandra has been a contributing meal creator for the benefit of us all.

Alexandra’s next mental obstacle was exercise. She thought I was kidding when I told her NOT to exercise in the beginning. Alexandra’s metabolism was so off balance that her hormones were too. There was no physical desire to exercise – that would come later.  

Seeing that she wouldn’t have to starve her self or suffer hours at the gym Alexandra decided to have personalized metabolic balance®Plan created.

Eventually Alexandra’s hormones and joints had reached at a point where her body could start sending out the signal to move (it took about 9 months). She started walking, and then walking faster and before you knew it she was doing 5 miles at a time. The one time I joined in, I couldn’t keep up with her.

Once her mind believed that transformation was possible the next challenge was to decide on a start date. She imagined that it would probably take at least 4 years to get from 270 lbs down to 190 lbs. That would mean passing up birthday cakes, Easter chocolate, all-you-can eat buffets, Christmas cookies and football game beer consumption for 4 years.

We created a ritual around her start date. In no time at all her custom metabolic balance® Nutrition Plan kicked in and Mother Nature was able to perform her best. Highly motivated by the speedy results a year became an attainable goal.

Breaking the 100kg [220 lbs] mark was a monumental challenge for Alexandra. Her memories of passing the 100kg mark 18 years ago were loaded with negative energy. She had a lot of fear and doubt that she could get under this number again. We worked with her body image of being hopelessly fat (which she had held for a number of years) and through some guided imagery exercises she reconnected to her ‘thin’ self and breathed life into it.

She learned how to check in with her internal picture of herself. When the ‘fat one’ would occasionally reappear she’d acknowledge it and kiss it once again good-by. With intention she would then place her ideal self in front of her inner eye, intensifying the size of the picture and it’s colors until her emotions were an equal match. Seeing herself as a ‘thin’ person made eating chocolate cake no longer an energetic match.
She understood how the unpleasant consequences of putting the wrong, non-nourishing foods into her body and suffering, was no different than allowing in toxic people, thoughts and situations. Understanding how to create healthy boundaries and learning to say “no” to unhealthy foods set in motion the ability to say “yes to herself in all areas of her life”.


 Alexandra’s metabolic balance coach, Meda Christiani has been a metabolic balance® Coach since 2008. She has coached hundreds of clients to their optimal health and well-being. Go to Conscious-Creation.Net to learn more about Meda and her metabolic balance®Practice.

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