metabolic balance Plan – Phase 1 and 2

Phase 1 of your personalized nutrition plan will prime your body for the nutritional changes you will experience.  This phase will have you eating light fare and following a cleansing routine.
Once phase 1 is completed, you will begin phase 2 which is called the Strict Conversion Phase.  This phase of metabolic balance helps balance your metabolism by providing you with a personalized meal plan which helps you get used to appropriate serving sizes and proper food selection.

Phase 2 lasts a minimum of two week and up to a 44 pound weight loss.  During this phrase, you must follow as many of the rules as possible to achieve the best results.  The metabolic balance rules are not optional but an integral part of the program helping participants along the path towards their weight loss and healthy living goals.

It is important for you to know that you can always return to phase two if you take a planned break from the program or have a misstep and need to rebalance.

During phase 2, metabolic balancers are introduced  to the basic rules and an individual template for healthy eating.

For more information about Phase 2, you are welcome to contact one of our coaches.  If you are interesetd in becoming a metabolic balance coach, consider attending one of our training sessions.