metabolic balance plan – Phase 3

 metabolic balance plan Phase 3: Relaxed Conversion


By the time you reach phase 3, you will be familiar with your food plan and your serving sizes and will start experimenting with food.  In phase 3 metabolic balancers start eating foods not on their food lists so they can determine which foods can be incorporated into their diet without adverse effects.

For example, if your personalized metabolic balance plan has no red meat, in phase 3 you may want to try adding red meat.  This step should be done carefully and if there is any negative reaction, you will need to step back and try a different protein source.

It is important that you add one food at a time so that you can register your bodies reaction to each new food.  No matter what food you want to add, if it isn’t on your plan, you need to carefully observe how your body reacts.

During phase 3, metabolic balancers will add new foods and increase portion sizes.  The goal in phase 3 is to stabilize your metabolism and preserve the improved well-being and achieved weight loss gained through the first two phases.  During phase 3 “the challenge to let go of from the safety net and survive in the food jungle.“

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