metabolic balance Plan – Phase 4

metabolic balance Plan Phase 4: Maintenance

To stay on track with your accomplishments and the success you’ve achieved,  your metabolic balance coach and the guidelines found in your metabolic balance plan will help you.

To stay on track as a metabolic balancer, you may want to follow your personalized metabolic balance plan for two of your meals and for your third meal you may venture away from the program.

During the first three phases, you will have developed a sense of what your serving sizes are and develop a benchmark for eating healthy. These new skills allow you to slowly add new foods.

Optimally the new foods you add will have a low glycemic load and no adverse health effects.  (See our post on Glycemic Load and Index here)

During this final phase, you will experiment with how to integrate the metabolic balance program into their life.  For example, some people decide that they want to follow the plan strictly during the week and then veer off plan during the weekends.

No matter how you decide to alter your meal plans, it is recommended to continue to follow the metabolic balance rules, which have been integrated into your day such as waiting five hours between meals, eating an apple a day and not eating after 9pm.

If you would like to read about the earlier phases, please go here for phase 2 and here for phase 3.

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