Coach Spotlight: Tanya Jarrett, MPH, NBC-HWC

As a Nutritional Therapist, Tanya is continually amazed by the human body and how lifestyle affects her clients’ health outcomes. It was this curiosity that led her to dive deep into the world of functional health. Tanya has over 10 years of experience creating personalized nutrition plans that helps her clients understand what foods fuel their body. She combines nutrition with coaching to help clients discover how to break free of unhealthy cycles and fad diets, how to choose their best lifestyle, and how they can stay motivated long-term.

Tanya’s approach to well-being is guided by holistic, functional, and integrative modalities. She strives to reconnect clients with healing strategies so that they can experience vibrant health.

Tanya has degrees and certifications through Duquesne University (Health Management Systems), University of Pittsburgh (Masters of Public Health), Health Sciences Academy (Nutritional Therapist), AWellness Revolution (Certified Health & Wellness Coach), National Academy of Sports Medicine (Fitness Nutrition Specialist), National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC), and ADCES National Diabetes Prevention Program (Certified Diabetes Lifestyle Coach).

Coach Spotlight: Kara Sorensen, MS, LAc

Kara has been helping women transform their cravings, overeating, and fear of weight gain since 2007. Even though the results had been amazing, weight loss continued to be a challenge for many clients, even when cravings stopped. She became certified as a life coach and learned more deeply about metabolism. She offers a holistic approach to healing, helping clients solve the underlying mental, emotional and physical parts of their puzzle so weight loss follows and peace with food becomes their natural state of being.

Kara has a Bachelors of Science in Dietetics, and a Masters of Science in both Nutrition Science and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is certified as a Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and Metabolic Balance Coach. Kara is also a licensed Acupuncturist and Tapas Acupressure Technique Professional & Trainer.

Coach Spotlight: Stef Sojka, MPH, CHES

Nutrition started as a personal journey for Stef. Struggling with weight gain, blood sugar issues, and other food reactions, she delved into educating herself with answers she could not get from her doctors. She started looking for a program for her own nutritional needs that would also support her clients holistically, without needing medications, powders, or supplements to support a balanced body.

She started following her own personalized Metabolic Balance plan back in 2018 and in her own words: “I loved it from day one. I felt great on it. It’s very simple and if you follow it, it works.”

Stef has been working with Metabolic Balance since late 2018 with her online wellness programs via Zoom video sessions. She also has a Master’s Degree in Public Health (MPH), is a Board Certified Health Education Specialist (NCHEC), and holds certifications as a Metabolic Balance Coach, a Whole Health Practitioner, a Corporate Wellness Coach, a Precision Nutrition Coach, and is a RESTART Licensed Educator.

Coach Spotlight: Myra Nissen

Myra received her degree in homeopathy from Pacific Academy in San Francisco in 2006. She later earned her Certificate in Classical Homeopathy and is registered with the North American Society of Homeopaths. She now gives back to the homeopathic community as a board member. She has training in magnetic therapy and crystal healing and has given workshops on the east and west coast. Myra also established a local chapter for Weston A. Price Foundation as a way to help her clients locate quality foods.

Coach Spotlight: Dr. Noel Aldrich

Dr. Noel Aldrich is a Certified Metabolic Balance Coach, a Certified Nutrition Specialist Practitioner and Licensed Nutritionist. His research at the University of Minnesota focused on the effect of protein intake on weight loss in midlife adults. In addition to his national certifications, he is an adjunct Professor for Maryland University of Integrative Health. He supports clients at his Northfield, MN location, as well as on Zoom.