Goals – Be Gritty and Keep Them to Yourself

Grit: Passion and perseverance makes goals a reality. Here is Angela L. Duckworth’s resarch paper about grit.  See how gritty you are by taking this Grit research test.  I got a 4.13 out of 5 which means I’m a pretty gritty girl but only in the 80th percentile.  Do the quiz and see what percentile you are in.


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Metabolic Balance® Coaches Encourage You to Set Goal Intentions and Implementation Strategies

Metabolic Balance® coaching will help you set your goal intentions and implementation strategies – an essential part of achieving a balanced and healthy life.

With the help of a Metabolic Balance® coach, you will do the following:

  • Set positive health goals. While working through the Metabolic Balance® phases, you can discuss your goals with your coach and make sure they continue to stay positive and match your values. Here is a business research paper that outlines Goal Setting Theory.
  • Help you state in specific terms what you would like to accomplish. Your Metabolic Balance® coach will make sure the goals you set are achievable and realistic. Your coach will talk with you about what kind of time frame is needed to reach your goals and help you break your larger goals into smaller ones.  In addition to the changes you want to make, metabolic balance has eight rules you are required to implement. Your coach will help you navigate around the changes and make sure they integrate into your life.
  • Provide you with feedback.  Specific feedback is needed at particular times.  Your metabolic balance coach will help you stay on the path to a balanced and healthy life by providing you with both positive and negative feedback.  For more information about motivation and feedback, check out the following two articles:
  • Provide you with support. Don’t share your goals with others on social media.  By sharing your goal outside of your immediate support network, you may end up slacking off and not achieving the results that you want. For more information about positive and negative feedback check out this article. Until your goal intentions and implementation strategies are securely in place, keep the planning under wraps.