Goals – Most People never set them!



Ready to set some goals? Here are some goal related links from the blogs that will help you get started.

How Many Goals Are you Working on?

According to this infographic, you should focus on one. If you are reading this blog, you know that we think it should be living as a metabolic balancer! I’m going to try Happify out and do a review for you on LivcleanMB.  Supposedly you are happier after using the site/software.  I know I’m happier when I’m following the metabolic balance lifestyle. happifygoals_final

Goals – Different Types All Require S.M.A.R.T.

How do you implement SMART into your general goal setting?

  1. Pick a time frame for the goal.
    1. Short term = less than six months
    2. Mid Term = Six months to one year
    3. Long Term = More than one year
  2. Prioritise your goals.  Pick a handful of goals that are the ones that are most important to you.   For short term goals, you will find them easier to get into action right away.  Setting short term goals that align with long term goals will help keep you motivated. Your Metabolic Balance® coach will help ensure that your goals are realistic and achievable.
  3. Be flexible.  If you created a short term goal and you are unable to accomplish it within the estimated time period, push the goal into the mid or long term category.  Know that you have not failed.  All kinds of events can happen to push a goal priority back or to delay accomplishing a goal.
  4. Write down your goals.  Write down in detail exactly what you want to accomplish and how you are going to accomplish it.  This requires implementation plan as described yesterday.
  5. Pick one long term goal and then add mid term and short term goals that help strengthen your resolve to reach your long term goal.
  6. Be specific.  Write your goal so it is very specific.  For example, “In one Year from today, I will be at my goal weight, running 5 miles without being out of breath.  This is a well defined goal with a clear deadline and benchmarks that can be monitored for progress.

Follow This format to outline your goal:

Step 1. __________ is my goal. (Make sure it is measurable and realistic.)

Step 2. When achieved, what will be the benefits? ________________________.

Step 3. Obstacles I may have to overcome. __________________________.  How will I overcome them? ________________.

Step 4. What do I need to learn/ know/ or train to reach my goal? _________________________.

Step 5. Who can help me with this goal? ________________________.

Step 6. What are the steps I plan to take to reach my goal?

  • ___________________________ by when _______________.
  • ___________________________ by when _______________.
  • ___________________________ by when _______________.
  • ___________________________ by when _______________.

Metabolic Balance® Coaches Encourage You to Set Goal Intentions and Implementation Strategies

Metabolic Balance® coaching will help you set your goal intentions and implementation strategies – an essential part of achieving a balanced and healthy life.

With the help of a Metabolic Balance® coach, you will do the following:

  • Set positive health goals. While working through the Metabolic Balance® phases, you can discuss your goals with your coach and make sure they continue to stay positive and match your values. Here is a business research paper that outlines Goal Setting Theory.
  • Help you state in specific terms what you would like to accomplish. Your Metabolic Balance® coach will make sure the goals you set are achievable and realistic. Your coach will talk with you about what kind of time frame is needed to reach your goals and help you break your larger goals into smaller ones.  In addition to the changes you want to make, metabolic balance has eight rules you are required to implement. Your coach will help you navigate around the changes and make sure they integrate into your life.
  • Provide you with feedback.  Specific feedback is needed at particular times.  Your metabolic balance coach will help you stay on the path to a balanced and healthy life by providing you with both positive and negative feedback.  For more information about motivation and feedback, check out the following two articles:
  • Provide you with support. Don’t share your goals with others on social media.  By sharing your goal outside of your immediate support network, you may end up slacking off and not achieving the results that you want. For more information about positive and negative feedback check out this article. Until your goal intentions and implementation strategies are securely in place, keep the planning under wraps.