Metabolic Balance Win Health and Feel Great – Post by Leonard Tuccelli

This post is by Len, our Sales and Marketing Director.

Win Health & Feel Great in 2016 
So what’s the harm in a little holiday weight gain, especially if it’s just a pound? According to researchers at the National Institutes of Health, most Americans never lose the weight they gain during the winter holidays. This time around why not do something about it!

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Quick Look: Phase 1 & 2 

Lifestyle changes can be challenging and a bit confusing so we like to share with you (over the next few weeks) some information about the metabolic balance program which should help you understand a little more about the four phases used by metabolic balance.  Here is a quick look at Phase 1 & 2   Learn More

Intro Video

Get a quick overview of the metabolic balance nutrition program by watching a short video.   Watch Now


“I am Blessed”

“I have had a wonderful experience with the Metabolic Balance Weight Management program! I noticed results within the first week of starting, such as, increased energy and my stomach was not bloating at night anymore. My body was responding in a very positive way to the foods in my meal plan, and I felt enthusiastic! Within two weeks of starting, my blood sugar was much more balanced and it was easy to follow the program without feeling fatigue or hunger in between my meals. In time, I began to sleep better too.  I feel very blessed by the positive changes I have and am experiencing, and love being at my goal weight!  I plan to stick with my plan from here on out! ”  ~Kim A

photo Courtesy of the Boston Public Library, Leslie Jones Collection.

metabolic balancers become mindful of Food and Themselves

The founders of metabolic balance® learned through years of nutrition research and practical experience that exceptional results were achievable when you worked with nature rather than against it.  metabolic balance® firmly believes that

Working with Nature is the best method for maintaining long-term weight and health results

In order for a personalized nutrition plan to be effective “two natures” must be addressed and understood – the Nature of Food and the Participant’s Nature.

The Nature of Food

By taking into account macronutrient ratios, trace elements, minerals, enzyme and an individuals hormonal responses to food metabolic balance is able to advice clients which foods are the right foods for their bodies ensuring the body receives the nourishment it needs while helping clients achieve balance hormone levels and a healthy weight. 

Participants Nature

A participant’s nature or their mindset regarding food is crucial when making lifestyle changes. Studies demonstrate that having a personal coach to guide, educate and hold you accountable is the best strategy to ensure optimal long-term results. 

The good news is that with the metabolic balance® method and personal coaching, you can achieve positive internal and external changes that help you know yourself better and lead you towards the path of mindful eating.

Join us

If you desire to achieve your goal of living a healthier lifestyle,  then take the first step and join our free information event on September 1st.  During the webinar, we will explain how an individualized nutrition approach leads to a healthy weight, and a more mindful you. 

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Wishing you the best in health & happiness,

Leonard Tuccelli

Director of Sales and Marketing

metabolic balance® Testimonial – “This is it! This is the Way to Eat!”

Over 75% of new metabolic balance® participants are referred to us by satisfied current or past clients? Seeing first-hand the fantastic results of metabolic balancers gives people a reason to trust and to believe they can also have the same results.

Here is a wonderful metabolic balance testimonial from Sunny & John who heard about metabolic balance through the grapevine.

Dear Len,

Earlier this year my husband’s physician told him that he thought metabolic typing was the next forefront in weight reduction and maintenance. Shortly thereafter, it was shared that a friend of a friend lost 30 lbs following the Metabolic Balance personalized nutrition program. That information prompted my husband to pick up the phone and call Metabolic Balance to learn more.  In addition we did our research, attended the info webinar, and determined that metabolic balance methods and theories were sound and my husband went ahead and participated in his own Metabolic Balance program.

Three weeks into following his personalized plan to a “T” (except for one decadent Treat meal) he has lost 14lb!  His goal is 30 lbs, and he feels very confident that he will be successful.

Now for my story as it relates to Metabolic Balance. I am an extremely healthy middle aged woman who has exercised her entire life, had minimal stress, and is nutritionally oriented. I am the person my friends come to for diet advice.

The word I am spreading is “THIS IS IT!”  Beyond any doubt, Metabolic Balance is the key to healthy eating allowing the body to maximize food eaten for optimal energy and wellbeing.  Science supports the fundamentals and the personalized diet works to shed extra pounds and feel great without sinful cravings or hunger. How could I not follow along with my husband and eat what we cook together?  And guess what – after three weeks – I am 10 lbs lighter and feel great!

I want to close with one other point. My husband and I have confidence that at any time, if we have misbehaved, we can easily go back to our program to erase unwanted pounds.  However, we are such believes that we think this is THE WAY TO EAT and we will enjoy staying with the fundamentals as our personal nutritional foundation. I recommend to all my friends that they do the same and get on this incredible program.

Thank you Metabolic Balance!    – Sunny & John S.

If you’ve been searching for a sensible and lasting solution to your weight management issues, I encourage you to join one of our free information webinar   to discover how a personalized nutrition plan customized from your unique blood labs and health profile can manage your weight permanently and help you feel great, register to join our free info webinar being tonight, August 6th at 8:30 ET / 5:30 PT.

If you can’t make it and would like to learn more, feel free to contact metabolic balance at +1-619-894-7893 and get connected with a certified metabolic balance coach.

Wish you the best in health & happiness,