Plan Your Strategic Life Goals in 4 Stages

I know it is the holiday season but I want to get a head start on January because I’m a strategic kind of girl and I want you to be a strategic kind of metabolic balancer.  We’ve talked about SMART goals and now I’m going to talk about strategic goals which require planning in four stages.

Stage 1 – Create your Vision, Make an assessment and develop and implement a planning process.  When you join metabolic balance, your coach will help you hone your vision, evaluate your health and where you are at this very moment and create a metabolic balance plan that takes into account  your current health and life challenges.

Stage 2 – You will answer the following questions:

  • What do you want to accomplish by adopting the metabolic balance lifestyle?
  • What will you to to get to your end goal?
  • How will you know if you are making progress especially if weight loss is not your main priority?

Stage 3 – Once you have finished stage one and two, you will use the plan to guide you towards your goal.  With the help of your coach, you will manage the implementation of your plan and monitor your progress.

Stage 4 – Review and Revise.  Metabolic balance is for life. You and your coach will need to do  an annual review of your progress and rebalance on occasion.  You can even do another blood test to make sure that you are keeping your body balanced through proper food choices and lifestyle changes.   If you have unexpected life stresses, make sure to talk with your coach for advice on how to handle the stress of change without veering off the plan.

Don’t forget that your metabolic balance coach is always there for you and so is the US metabolic balance Team and even the head office in Germany is there to offer support.


sculpture photo by Lauri Heikkinen