Tackle Metabolic Syndrome with the metabolic balance Rules

Today, our USA CEO posted on Facebook the link to the official metabolic balance book in English.  If you want to read the words of our founder, Dr. Funfack, I encourage you to buy the book and use it as a reference tool during your metabolic balance journey.

In keeping our metabolisms balanced we are trying to avoid having metabolic syndrome which is a group of factors that raise our risk for heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

If you have three of the following, you will want to talk to your doctor and see if you have metabolic syndrome.

  • A large waistline. People who are apple shaped carry excess fat on their waist instead of other areas like their hips. If you can pinch more than an inch, you need to talk with your doctor.
  • Have too much fat in your blood. (High Triglyceride levels)
  • Low Good Cholesterol levels .(HDL Cholesterol)
  • High blood pressure.
  • High fasting blood sugar.

Want to know how metabolic syndrome can affect your life?  Here are some recent articles that mention metabolic syndrome and show how important it is to eat healthy and follow the metabolic balance rules.

metabolic balance® is a Life Changer

Change Your Health and Quality of Life

An independent study with over 500 participants clearly showed that the Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQL) of participants using the metabolic balance® method clearly improved. Almost 3/4 of the the participants declared they were satisfied with their improved quality of life and there was a significant decrease in the number of participants complaining of serious health issues.

Get Rid of Metabolic Syndrome

The independent study clearly showed that systematic changes in diet in accordance with the metabolic balance® system improved the symptoms of metabolic syndrome.  After following the metabolic balance® plan for a year, 76% of the participants suffering from metabolic syndrome no longer met the criteria for the diagnosis.

Join Metabolic Balance.

You will:

  • Be tested,through blood analysis, to determine exactly what foods and nutrients your body needs.
  • Receive an individually tailored nutritional plan providing you with valuable information and guidance leading you in the direction of a healthier lifestyle.
  • Work with a life coach focused on your health and balancing your metabolism.
    • metabolic balance® coaches provided individual, groups in person or online coaching to make sure that the program fits in with your lifestyle and life challenges.
  • Find a simple to use plan that begins working right away and has a long-lasting effects.
  • Join a group of like minded individuals striving for balanced lives and healthier bodies.

Become a metabolic balance®r is easy.  Contact one of our Certified metabolic balance Coaches, or attend a Free Information Webinar to get started.

Another way to get involved with metabolic balance is to become a metabolic balance health coach. If you are a life coach or Health and Wellness Professional interested in adding health coaching to your practice, please contact Leonard Tuccelli Director of Sales & Marketing at Leonard.Tuccellil@USA.Metabolic-Balance.Com. metabolic balance® has an extensive online training and continuing education program that will fit into your busy schedule and keep you updated on all the newest information needed to provide your clients with exceptional health coaching. 

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