Mindfulness While Following metabolic balance

Over the last few weeks, we shared ways to be mindful in this blog post and this one.  Today,lets incorporate some of those mindful ideas back into our metabolic balance plan by doing the following:

  1. Do not regret your past food choices. The past is the past. Use it to change your future but do not spend excessive amounts of time wishing you could change the past. You can’t.  As you develop your mindful eating routines, don’t think about all those times you’ve messed up in the past.  Focus your energy on making metabolic balance work for you today.
  2. Live Simply.  Know the difference between what you want and what you need.  In our society the two get mixed up but you can set yourself straight with a little practice.  When it comes to eating, metabolic balance helps you remember what hunger feels like so that when you eat, you eat because you need to not because you have a desire to eat.
  3. Focus on being Neutral before eating.  Do not eat food when you are emotionally upset.  Bring your mood to neutral before you start eating. Here are some ways to get your mood back to neutral.
    1. Find a quiet place to sit and let yourself have time to compose yourself. If you are in a restaurant, excuse yourself and step outside for some fresh air or if that is not possible, go to the restroom. If you are in your house, go to your bedroom and stay there until you are feeling better.
    2. Grab your phone and distract yourself with someone positive and funny.  Read a funny website or look through Pintrest. Avoid News websites or social media which may direct you to a volatile conversation.
    3. Play a game.  There are thousands of silly games you can play on your smart phone that are meant to entertain without having to think.  Play one until your mood changes.
    4. Take a walk.  Ten minutes of physical activity can change your mood which helps you think more clearly and avoid eating emotionally.

Mindfulness Research – Being Mindful Will Help you Sleep and Maintain a Healthy Weight

On Monday I gave you a recipe for grilled chickpeas.  Research has shown that certain chemicals inside of chickpeas make you sleepy. Mindfulness also can help you sleep.

The American Mindfulness Research Association shared information about a recent study published in JAMA internal medicine. The sleep study focused on older adults who reported having issues falling or staying asleep. The adults were assigned to one of two groups.  The first group received 12 hours of group instruction on Mindfulness Awareness Practices for Daily Living (MAP) and were given at home assignments. In their 12 hours of instruction, they were shown how to sit, walk, move, eat and meditate.  The second group focused on sleep hygeine education (SHE). The participants in the second group were instructed on sleep self monitoring, relaxation techniques and sleep hygiene strategies.  The study showed that participants in the MAP group had significant improvements in their sleep, less fatigue and less depression. (Mindfulness also helps people who suffer from Insomnia.)

Other Mindfulness articles that are interesting:

Mindful women less likely to be obese.  I found this article very interesting.  Mindfulness helped women more than men.  Men tended to still be overweight even if they were mindful.

Newsweek article – personal story about mindfulness  – This is a personal story about someone who attended a mindfulness retreat and how their body chemistry changed in a very short time just by learning to be mindful.